Still life painting is still a relatively new thing for me. I’ve only been focusing on still life for about a year. As with anything, of course, practice makes perfect (And I am far from perfect.) I really enjoy painting these, even if I can’t freehand an ellipse to save my life. Oh, well.

These paintings are all fairly small, only 5″ by 7″ or smaller. I usually paint on gessoed masonite, which is super cheap and fun to paint on. Gesso can be kind of slick and the paint tends to move around a lot, so I prefer to work with thin stains first and build up to thicker paint slowly. I usually allow my first layers of paint to dry for a day or so before painting over them. I always put a few drops of clove oil in my paint, so even after a few days, it’s usually still a bit tacky on the masonite. (clove oil is amazing; add a drop to each pile of paint on your palette to keep your colors wet and usable for months.)

I have a few more of these currently on the easel. Hopefully, the more I practice still life, the better they’ll be. For now, I see a lot of potential for improvement, but of course, there always is.