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I decided to get into the holiday season by painting a little Christmas-themed still life painting. I have to say, this thing was a bit of a challenge, but I’m fairly happy with the results! This piece is available here at my Etsy shop, ArtworkbyBob. Happy Holidays!



Anyone who knows me knows that I love to bake. It was only a matter of time before my love of baked sweets met my love of still life painting! I’ve wanted to paint pretty cakes for a long time, and I finally got around to baking up a batch of beautiful red velvet cupcakes with the intention of making adorable still life paintings with them.



Here are my first two cupcake paintings! They are currently available here and here. Check out my other paintings for sale at my Etsy shop, ArtworkbyBob!



I’m contemplating what I should bake next… maybe a pumpkin pie? Or a layer cake? Decisions, decisions…

I just finished this little painting of a rooster for my Etsy shop, ArtworkbyBob, and I had so much fun with it I had to share! I love animals and I am lucky enough to work around a lot of cute, friendly animals at Carlsbad Art Farm, where I teach drawing to children. I decided to paint this little rooster for a change of pace after doing so much still life.

photo 3

First, I started with a simple drawing in paint

photo 2After the drawing is done, I start adding simple blocks of color to cover the board

photo 1

Once everything is more or less covered, I start adding some more detail and texture.


I continue to add detail and refine edges until I’m satisfied with the result. It always feels like it should be better, but you have to stop at some point…

This painting is available here. Check it out as well as my other paintings for sale!

I love making these little autumn themed paintings! This painting features more fall produce: a pumpkin, grapes and a pomegranate. The flower is an azalea from my garden – not quite keeping with the fall theme, but still very pretty.


This painting is 8 by 10 inches, just a little bigger than the others in my store. Please check out my shop, ArtworkbyBob, and stay tuned for more updates!

One of my favorite artists is wildlife painter Bob Kuhn (1920 – 2007). Kuhn was a master of composition as well as a great draftsman. I especially admire his dynamic drawings.

BK_AIB2While I do like drawing animals, I have no great ambition to become a wildlife artist myself. When I study artists like Kuhn, I focus on aspects of their work that I want to  improve in my own paintings. For me, good composition is always a big challenge. To study composition, I like to make little master studies in my sketchbook to study the compositional style of artists that I like. I did these Bob Kuhn studies in my gouache sketchbook:


IMG_8118All of these studies are about 2 by 2.5 inches. I try to keep them as simple as possible and focus only on the big shapes. The point isn’t to make a perfect copy of a painting in miniature, but to understand how the pieces of the painting fit together to make a harmonious picture.




These are a lot of fun to do! Little studies like this are a great way to warm up for a day of painting at the easel.

There is a Bob Kuhn exhibit coming up next month at the Tucson Museum of Art. I’m hoping to be able to go check it out before it ends in February. I can’t wait to see some of these paintings in person!

I recently finished this little painting for my new Etsy shop. I’ve been trying to keep my still life paintings simpler, so I chose to only focus on the flowers and leave the background black. Available at my Etsy store, ArtworkbyBob.


These flowers are English roses from my garden. I grow these for my still life paintings. This is the Heritage rose, and one of my favorites to paint.


I have a few more paintings on the easel, so keep checking back for more!

Still life painting is still a relatively new thing for me. I’ve only been focusing on still life for about a year. As with anything, of course, practice makes perfect (And I am far from perfect.) I really enjoy painting these, even if I can’t freehand an ellipse to save my life. Oh, well.

These paintings are all fairly small, only 5″ by 7″ or smaller. I usually paint on gessoed masonite, which is super cheap and fun to paint on. Gesso can be kind of slick and the paint tends to move around a lot, so I prefer to work with thin stains first and build up to thicker paint slowly. I usually allow my first layers of paint to dry for a day or so before painting over them. I always put a few drops of clove oil in my paint, so even after a few days, it’s usually still a bit tacky on the masonite. (clove oil is amazing; add a drop to each pile of paint on your palette to keep your colors wet and usable for months.)

I have a few more of these currently on the easel. Hopefully, the more I practice still life, the better they’ll be. For now, I see a lot of potential for improvement, but of course, there always is.